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Project no POIG.04.03.00-00-A15/12

Project title: „Implementation of technology for obtaining composites reinforced with long fiber glass in Polimarky”.
Under measure 4.3 Technological credit
Priority axis 4 Investments in innovative undertakings
Innovative Economy Operational Programme, 2007-2013



The objective of the project is to implement proprietary, new technology for thermoplastic composites reinforced with long fiber glass based on polypropylene, polyamide, polyphtalamide, polyurethane, which is known worldwide for less than 5 years and was not used on an industrial scale until now. As a result of such technology investment, there has been manufacturing of new products started which will be characterized by higher mechanical resistance as well as impact strength in low temperatures and thermal resistance in relation to products offered already on the market.  

Duration of the Project: until 30.06.2015


Total Project cost: 6 660 000,00 zł

The amount of technical bonus: 3 996 000,00 zł